Member variable XbpStatic():caption Foundation

The caption of the XbpStatic object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Character string, Numeric, Object ("")

The caption is the part of an XbpStatic object that is displayed within the area of the object. The caption can be a character string, an icon or a bitmap. If it is a character string, the string itself is assigned to the instance variable :caption. If the caption is a bitmap, either a numeric resource ID of a BITMAP resource (Windows Bitmap file format) or an XbpBitmap object is assigned to the instance variable. If a resource ID is used, it must be a BITMAP resource defined in a resource file that is linked to the EXE file. If an icon is to be used as the caption, either a numeric resource ID of an ICON resource or an XbpIcon object must be assigned. In all cases, the assignment must occur before the method :create() is executed. Using a XbpBitmap object to define the caption allows displaying images defined in various image file formats. Furthermore, if a transparent color has been defined for the bitmap object, transparent areas in the image are automatically replaced with the background color defined for the XbpStatic object.

When the XbpStatic object is used to display lines, borders or boxes, the caption is not generally displayed. The single exception is when an XbpStatic object of the XBPSTATIC_TYPE_GROUPBOX type is used to display a box with a title (caption) at the upper left.

If an XbpBitmap or XbpIcon object is assigned to the :caption property, one of the methods :load() or :loadFile() must have previously been called. For bitmaps constructed in memory, the method :make() must have been used. Moreover, the reuse of bitmap or icon objects which define a caption to load a different image is discouraged. Instead, a new bitmap or icon object should be created for that purpose.

Predefined system icons

If the type of the XbpStatic object is XBPSTATIC_TYPE_SYSICON, the constant assigned to the :caption instance variable identifies a predefined system icon. These do not need to be defined in a resource file and cannot be linked to the EXE file using the resource compiler. The constants listed in the following table are used with objects of the XbpStatic class. These constants are defined in the XBP.CH file.

#define constants for system icons
Constant Description
XBPSTATIC_SYSICON_ICONWARNING White ! on turquoise triangle


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