Member variable XbpStatic():autoSize Foundation

Automatically fits the size of the XbpStatic object to the caption.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

The instance variable :autoSize is only used when the XbpStatic object displays text, a bitmap or an icon. In these cases, the object displays the caption specified in the instance variable :caption. When the XbpStatic object is used to display a box or line, :autoSize is ignored.

The default value of :autoSize is .F. (false). This means that the XbpStatic object is displayed in the size specified in the parameter <aSize> when the object is created. If :autoSize is set to .T. (true), the XbpStatic object is automatically resized to fit the caption. If this instance variable is set to .T., the <aSize> parameter of the :create() method cannot be specified, or must be specified as the array {0,0}. An XbpStatic object calculates its size so that the caption is entirely visible. This is generally used to display character strings in GUI applications that would otherwise have to be drawn using the function GraStringAt().


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