Member variable XbpApplication():enableVisualStyles Foundation

Enable or disable visual styles for the application.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBPAPP_ALLSTYLES)

Member variable :enableVisualStyles specifies whether visual styles are enabled for a GUI or Hybrid Mode application. To change this setting, the following constants defined in the file APPLICTN.CH may be assigned to :enableVisualStyles.

Constants for :enableVisualStyles
Constant Description
XBPAPP_NOSTYLES Disable visual styles for the application
XBPAPP_DIALOGSTYLES Enable visual styles for forms and dialogs
XBPAPP_CHILDSTYLES Enable visual styles for Xbase Parts created as childs of a form object
XBPAPP_ALLSTYLES *) Enable visual styles for all user interface elements
  1. Default value

Visual Styles are only available on computers running an operating system version of Windows XP or newer.


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