Member variable Error():severity Foundation

Contains a code indicating the severity of the error.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric

This instance variable contains an error code as an integer numeric value. The error code represents a category which designates a particular level of severity associated with the error. Symbolic constants which designate the different error categories, are defined in the header file ERROR.CH.

constants for error categories in ERROR.CH
Value Constants Category Description
0 XPP_ES_WHOCARES Informational No real error is present.
1 XPP_ES_WARNING Warning At the moment there is no error present, but the error condition can lead to a serious error.
2 XPP_ES_ERROR Error Without correction the failed operation cannot be executed.
3 XPP_ES_FATAL Discontinued Because of the error, the Xbase++ application must terminate.

The Xbase++ runtime system generates only errors in the categories XPP_ES_WARNING and XPP_ES_ERROR.


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