Member variable DataRef():dataLink Foundation

Data code block of a DataRef object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Code block | NIL

:dataLink contains a code block which references a variable. It uses a type of code block called a set/get code block which either returns the value of a variable or assigns a new value to the variable. Such a code block generally appears similar to the following:

::dataLink := {|x| IIf( x==NIL, xVariable, xVariable:=x ) } 

This code block is automatically executed within the methods :setData() and :getData(). These methods pass the value of a variable referenced in the code block to an Xbase Part (method :setData()) or assign the value of an Xbase Part to a variable (method :getData()). No parameter is passed to the code block when it is called by :setData(). The current value of the Xbase Part (which is the return value of the method :editBuffer()) is passed when :getData() executes the code block.


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