Method XbpMetaFile():setBuffer() Foundation

Sets or retrieves the graphic data in the buffer.

:setBuffer( [<cBuffer>] ) --> cOldBuffer
<cBuffer> is a character string containing graphic data. The value in <cBuffer> is generally set using the method :setBuffer(). This allows graphic data to be exchanged between different XbpMetaFile objects.

This method returns the graphic data from a metafile as a character string. When <cBuffer> is specified, the return value contains the graphic data contained in the XbpMetaFile object before the method was called.


The :setBuffer() method sets or retrieves the internal buffer of the XbpMetaFile object. This buffer contains the graphic data from a metafile. Since the buffer contents can be replaced using the :setBuffer() method, a single XbpMetaFile object can be used to display graphic data from several metafiles.


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