Method XbpMenu():setTitle() Foundation

Changes the title of the XbpMenu object.

:setTitle( <cTitle> ) --> lSuccess
<cTitle> is a character string containing the new title for the menu.

This method returns the value .T. (true) if the title could be changed, otherwise it returns .F. (false).


The :setTitle() method allows the title of an XbpMenu object to be changed after the method :create() has been executed. This is only significant when the XbpMenu object is a submenu within a menu system. The title is displayed as a menu item in the next higher menu and is not visible when the XbpMenu object is activated using the :popUp() method.

If the same XbpMenu object is used to create several submenus in a menu system, method :setTitle() only affects the item in the menu the XbpMenu object was first added to.


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