Method XbpHTMLViewer():navigate() Foundation

Navigates to the specified URL.

:navigate( <cURL>, [<cCGI>] ) --> self
The parameter contains a character string with the URL or document to navigate to. This parameter may be specified as an URL, full-qualified path or an Universal Naming Convention (UNC) location and resource name.
Optionally, a character string holding a CGI request string can be passed for the second parameter. This can used to issue an HTTP POST command with assorted parameters. If no value is passed for <cCGI> parameter, a HTTP GET command is issued instead. If <cURL> does not contain an HTTP URL, this parameter has no effect.

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The method navigates to the specified URL or document. The document is loaded into the XbpHTMLViewer object and displayed.


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