Method XbpHelp():showKeysHelp() Foundation

OS/2 - Displays the help window containing help text for common key assignments used in the application.

:showKeysHelp() --> lSuccess

This method returns .T. (true) if the help window containing the help text for common key assignements used by the application is displayed, otherwise .F. (false) is returned.


CUA guidelines specify that the menu item "Keys help F9" should display the online help describing the key assignments for use with the application. The :showKeysHelp() method displays this help window.

The help text for this window must be in the IPF format. The numeric ID res= of the corresponding IPF tag :h1. (to :h6.) must be assigned to the instance variable :resKeysHelp before the :create() method is called in order for this help text to be displayed. Otherwise calls to :showKeysHelp() are ignored.

A standardized Help menu does not exist under Windows. Therefore, this method is not supported on Windows platforms.


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