Method PhysicalScreen():setWindow() Foundation

Displays a window on a physical screen.

:setWindow( <oWindow>|<nHwnd>, [<aPos] ) --> self
The window object. This must be an instance of the XbpDialog() or XbpCrt() classes or a derived class.
Instead of a window object, a window handle used with the Win32 API can be used in the <nHwnd> parameter. This must be a top-level window. Passing a child window in <nHwnd> is not supported.
An array with the x and y coordinates of the window on the physical screen. This parameter is optional. If nothing is specified for <aPos>, the window is centered within the usable area of the screen.

The physical screen object (self).


The method :setWindow() displays the specified window on the physical screen. By default, the window is centered within the work area of the screen. If the window should be displayed at a different position instead, the position must be specified in the :<aPos> parameter. Both the x and the y coordinate specified in <aPos> are assumed to be relative to the starting point of the usable screen area.


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