Class PhysicalScreen() Foundation

Provides information about physical screens connected to the computer.


The PhysicalScreen class provides information about and interfaces for working with physical screens.

Each PhysicalScreen instance represents one physical screen. The combined display area of all connected screens together forms the virtual screen on which application windows can be positioned. The method VirtualScreen:getPhysicalScreens()can be used for getting the list of physical screens which are currently connected to the computer.

Instance methods
Returns the color depth.
Returns the height of the screen area.
Returns a unique id.
Returns the logical rectangle on the virtual screen.
Returns the screen name.
Returns the scale factor.
Returns the screen rectangle.
Returns the width of the display area.
Returns the usable area on the physical screen.
Determines whether a screen is the primary screen.
Determines whether touch input is supported.
Converts a point from system to logical coordinates.
Converts a point from logical to system coordinates.
Displays a window on a physical screen.

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