Method SMTPClient():connect() Professional

Connects to the SMTP server.

:connect( [<cUsername>], [<cPassword>] ) --> lSuccess
<cUsername> is an optional character string specifying the name of the user to be authenticated.
<cPassword> is a character string specifying an optional password. If a user name is passed in <cUserName>, this parameter becomes mandatory.

The method returns .T. (true) when a connection to the SMTP server is successfully established, otherwise .F. (false) is returned.


This method establishes a connection to the SMTP server for which an SMTPClient object is created. A connection may fail if the object was instantiated with invalid parameters or if the SMTP server does not respond. When the connection is successful, e-mail messages can be sent to the server using the:send() method.

In case the SMTP server requires authentication, the username and password must be specified when calling the :connect() method. The same is true if the port number specified to the :new() method implies an SSL connection. In this case, the parameters <cUsername> and <cPassword> become mandatory.


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