Event XbpTreeView():itemMarked Foundation

An item is marked in the tree.

:itemMarked := {| oItem, aRect, self | ... }
:itemMarked ( <oItem>, <aRect> ) --> self
xbeTV_ItemMarked (1049088)
<oItem> is the marked XbpTreeViewItem object.
<aRect> := { nX1, nY1, nX2, nY2 }
<aRect> is an array with four elements. They contain the xy-coordinates for the lower left and upper right corner of <oItem>. The origin for the coordinates is the lower left corner of the XpbTreeView object.

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The event xbeTV_ItemMarked is created after an item is marked within the tree view. This occurs while navigating with the cursor keys or when an item is clicked.

xbeTV_ItemMarked is an asynchronous event. If method :delItem()is used by the application to remove tree view items, the object passed in parameter <oItem> may reference an item that has already been removed.


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