Event XbpScrollBar():scroll Foundation

Scroll bar has been moved.

:scroll := {| aScroll, uNIL, self | ... }
:scroll ( <aScroll> ) --> self
xbeSB_Scroll (1048944)
<aScroll> := { nScrollBoxPos, nCommand }
<aScroll> is an array containing two elements. The first element contains the new position of the scroll box and the second element contains a numeric code identifying the action that was executed.

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The xbeSB_Scroll event is generated when a scroll bar is clicked by the mouse or the scroll box is moved using the cursor keys when the scroll bar has input focus. The first parameter is the array <aScroll>. This array contains the new position of the scroll box as the first element and the action performed as the second element. Constants are defined for the actions that may appear in the second element. These constants are defined in the XBP.CH file and are listed in the following table:

Constants for the action of a scroll bar
Constant Action
XBPSB_PREVPOS Went back one position
XBPSB_NEXTPOS Went forward one position
XBPSB_PREVPAGE Went back one page
XBPSB_NEXTPAGE Went forward one page
XBPSB_SLIDERTRACK Scroll box clicked with a mouse button
XBPSB_ENDTRACK Continuous scrolling using the scroll box has ended
XBPSB_ENDSCROLL Continuous scrolling using the scroll button has ended


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