Event XbpHTMLViewer():beforeNavigate Foundation

Indicates that a navigation is about to commence.

:beforeNavigate := {| cURL, cCGI, self | ... }
:beforeNavigate( <cURL>, [<cCGI>] ) --> lCancel
xbeHTML_BeforeNavigate (1049326)
The parameter contains the character string identifying the document to which the object is about to navigate to. See :navigate() for further information.
A character string with the CGI request string passed with HTTP request. This parameter is optional.

This method returns a logical value that specifies whether the XbpHTMLViewer object is to cancel the navigation. If .T. (TRUE) is returned, navigation is cancelled and the new document is not loaded.


The xbeHTML_BeforeNavigate notification is generated when the XbpHTMLViewer object is about to navigate to a new HTML page or document. The method :beforeNavigate() returns a logical value that specifies whether navigation is allowed to commence. To prevent navigation from occuring, the application must return the value .T. (TRUE).

The xbeHTML_BeforeNavigate notification is a synchronous event. It is sent directly to the application via the XbpHTMLViewer object's :handleEvent() method. The xbeHTML_BeforeNavigate event code normally is not returned by the function AppEvent().


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