Class MailAddress() Professional

Class function of the MailAddress class.


Instances of the MailAddress class take care of the various formatting rules for e-mail addresses. For example, all following addresses are valid e-mail addresses of the same person:

John Doe <> 
"John Doe" <> (The good guy) 

Therefore, the definition of sender and recipient addresses of an e-mail is done using MailAddress objects.

Class methods
Creates an instance of the MailAddress class.
Instance methods
Retrieves the e-mail address as character string.
Defining sender and recipient of an e-mail
// The example is a code snippet that demonstrates the 
// context where MailAddress objects are used. See the 
// MIMEMessage() class for a comprehensive example. 

oMail      := MIMEMessage():new() 
oSender    := MailAddress():new( "John <>", .T. ) 
oRecipient := MailAddress():new( " ( lovely wive )" ) 

oMail:setFrom( oSender ) 
oMail:addRecipient( oRecipient ) 

? oSender:getString()       ->     "" 
? oRecipient:getString()    ->     " ( lovely wive )" 


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