Language Elements and Reference:xpplrm

The Xbase++ Preprocessor Foundation

Before the Xbase++ compiler compiles source code, the source code is translated by the preprocessor. It is this preprocessed code that is then compiled. For example, all of the commands in Xbase++ are converted to function syntax by the preprocessor. Preprocessor directives allow the creation of user-defined commands. In addition, what are called "pseudofunctions" can be defined to contain frequently used code fragments in abbreviated form. Also conditional compiling of source code is accomplished using directives.

The preprocessor represents a powerful tool that extends the language scope of Xbase++ to be user specific. It can also be used to simplify the source code of frequently used source code fragments. This chapter describes the basic capabilities of the preprocessor and how the most important directives are used.

Symbolic constants and pseudofunctions

#include files

Conditional compiling

Extending the language scope of Xbase++


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