Language Elements and Reference:xpplrm

Data Types and Literals Foundation

This chapter describes the data types supported by Xbase++. Values of any data type can be assigned to memory variables. The data type of values assigned to field variables are predetermined by the underlying file format of the DatabaseEngine which manages the field variables in a file. The following data types are supported by Xbase++:

Type Abbreviation Note
Array A Not allowed in DBF files
Code block B Not allowed in DBF files
Character string C
Date D
Logical L
Memo M Only as a field variable
Numeric N
Object O Not allowed in DBF files
NIL U Not allowed in DBF files

For each data type except "Date", "Object" and "Memo", a syntax is available to define a literal value of this data type. A syntax is termed as a literal when it is translated by the compiler to a value and is not interpreted as an expression or a statement. Values with data type "Memo" cannot be defined in program code, and only exist in files. The operations which can be executed with the various data types are described in the two chapters discussing "Operations and Operators".

Character string







Code block



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