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New functions in Xbase++ (unknown in Clipper) Foundation

This section lists all functions, commands and statements which are new in Xbase++ compared to Clipper.

New functions in Xbase++
Name Description
AppDesktop() Returns the desktop window
AppEvent() Reads events from the event queue
AppKeyState() Determines the state of special keys
AppName() Returns the name of the EXE
AppType() Determines the application type
Bin2f() Converts a binary string to a FLOAT number
Bin2u() Converts a binary string to an unsigned LONG integer
Bin2Var() Converts a binary string to any data type
Char2Var() Converts a character string to another data type
ClassCreate() Creates a class dynamically at runtime
ClassDestroy() Releases a dynamic class object
ClassObject() Returns the class object of any class
ConfirmBox() Displays GUI dialog box for user confimation
ConvToAnsiCP() Converts a string to ANSI
ConvToOemCP() Converts a string to OEM
CurDrive() Returns current drive letter
DispOutAt() Screen output without cursor position change
DllCall() Calls a function contained in a DLL
DllExecuteCall() Calls a DLL function using a call template
DllInfo() Returns information about one or more DLLs
DllLoad() Loads a DLL dynamically at runtime
DllPrepareCall() Prepares a call template for a DLL function
DllUnLoad() Unloads a DLL
EnableClipRect() Enables clipping for virtual text mode screen
F2bin() Converts a FLOAT number to binary
GetEnableEvents() Enables the mouse for GETs
GetEventReader() GETs use AppEvent() instead of Inkey()
GetHandleEvent() Default event handler for GETs
GetKillActive() Takes focus from active GET
GetList() Returns current GetList array
GetListPos() Returns position of current GET in GetList
GetToMousePos() Moves the cursor to the mouse within GETs
IsFieldVar() Checks if field exists
IsFunction() Checks if function exists
IsMemberVar() Checks if object has a specific member variable
IsMemvar() Checks if memory variable exists
IsMethod() Checks if object has a specific method
LastAppEvent() Returns last event
LChar2Var() Converts a locale string to another data type
MsgBox() Displays GUI message box
NextAppEvent() Returns next event
NumButtons() Number of mouse buttons
PostAppEvent() Posts an event to the event queue
PValue() Retrieves value of n-th parameter
RunRexx() Runs a REXX command file
RunShell() Opens a new command shell
SetAppEvent() Associates an event with a code block
SetAppFocus() Sets focus to a window or GUI control
SetAppWindow() Returns the application window
SetClipRect() Defines the clipping area for text mode
Setenv() Defines an environment variable
SetLexRule() Defines lexical comparison rules for characters
SetLocale() Function for localization
SetMouse() Enables mouse events in text mode
SetTimerEvent() Starts a timer thread
Sleep() Halts the current thread for specified time
SymbolInfo() Returns information about function symbols
TBApplyKey() Default Inkey() handler for TBrowse
TBHandleEvent() Default AppEvent() handler for TBrowse
TBtoMousePos() Moves the TBrowse cursor to the mouse pointer
ThreadID() Returns ID of current thread
ThreadObject() Returns current Thread object
ThreadWait() Waits for one thread to terminate
ThreadWaitAll() Waits for multiple threads to terminate
U2bin() Converts a LONG integer to binary
Var2Bin() Converts any data type to binary
Var2Char() Converts any data type to a character string
Var2LChar() Converts any data type to a locale string

New Database related functions
Name Description
DbCargo() Attaches an arbitrary value to a used work area
DbClientList() Returns all registered clients of a work area
DbContinue() Functional equivalent of CONTINUE
DbCopyExtStruct() Functional equivalent of COPY STRUCTURE EXTENDED
DbCopyStruct() Functional equivalent of COPY STRUCTURE
DbCreateExtStruct() Functional equivalent of CREATE STRUCTURE EXTENDED
DbCreateFrom() Functional equivalent of CREATE FROM
DbDeregisterClient() Removes a registered client from a work area
DbeBuild() Builds a compound DatabaseEngine
DbeInfo() Returns information about a DatabaseEngine
DbeList() Returns the names of loaded DatabaseEngines
DbeLoad() Loads a DatabaseEngine
DbeSetDefault() Selects the default DatabaseEngine
DbeUnload() Releases a DatabaseEngine from memory
DbExport() Functional equivalent of COPY TO
DbGoPosition() Moves the record pointer using a percent value
DbImport() Functional equivalent of APPEND FROM
DbInfo() Returns information about a work area
DbJob() Associates a work area with a code block
DbJoin() Functional equivalent of JOIN
DbList() Functional equivalent of LIST
DbLocate() Functional equivalent of LOCATE
DbPack() Functional equivalent of PACK
DbPosition() Returns the record pointer position as percent value
DbRegisterClient() Registers a client in a work area
DbRelease() Releases a work area from current work space
DbRequest() Transfers a work area into current work space
DbResetNotifications() Enables notifications from work areas to clients
DbRList() Returns a list of relations
DbROrdName() Returns the index name of a relation
DbSkipper() Default DBF skipper function for TBrowse
DbSort() Functional equivalent of SORT
DbSuspendNotifications() Disables notifications from work areas to clients
DbTotal() Functional equivalent of TOTAL
DbUpdate() Functional equivalent of UPDATE
DbZap() Functional equivalent of ZAP
FieldInfo() Returns field information
OrdIsDescend() Checks if index is descending
OrdIsUnique() Checks if index is unique
WorkSpaceEval() Evaluates a code block in all used work areas
WorkSpaceList() Returns alias names of all used work areas

New Directives, Statements and Commands
Name Description
#pragma Toggles compiler switches at compile time
ACCESS | ASSIGN Declares access/assign methods
APPBROWSE Application part (GUI browser)
APPDISPLAY Displays application parts
APPEDIT Application part (Edit window)
APPFIELD Declares a field for an application part
CLASS Declares a class
CLASS METHOD Declares a class method
CLASS VAR Declares a class variable
DEFERRED Declares method as deferred
DLLFUNCTION Creates a function which calls a DLL function
FINAL Declares method as final
INLINE Declares inline method
METHOD Declares method
SET CHARSET Selects ANSI or OEM character set
SET COLLATION Sets country specific collation table
SET LEXICAL Enables lexical comparison rules for strings
SET TIME Sets display format for the system time
SYNC Declares method as synchronized
VAR Declares an instance variable

Xbase++ Class functions
Name Description
DacPagedDataStore() Provides cached database access
DacSession() Establishes connections to database servers
DataRef() Class for referencing data
Error() Error class
Get() Get class
TBrowse() TBrowse class
TbColumn() TBColumn class
Thread() Thread class
Signal() Signal class
VCrt() Virtual screen class for text mode
Xbp3State() Three state button class
XbpBitmap() Bitmap class
XbpBrowse() GUI browser class
XbpCheckBox() Checkbox class
XbpClipBoard() Clipboard class
XbpColumn() Column class for GUI Browser
XbpComboBox() Combobox class
XbpCrt() Hybrid window class
XbpDialog() GUI window class
XbpFileDev() File device class
XbpFileDialog() File selection dialog
XbpFont() Font class
XbpFontDialog() Font selection dialog
XbpHelp() Class for online help window
XbpHelpLabel() Class for context sensitive help
XbpIWindow() Implicit window
XbpListBox() Listbox class
XbpMenu() Menu class
XbpMenuBar() Menubar class
XbpMetaFile() Metafile class
XbpMLE() Multi line edit class
XbpPartHandler() Parent class for XbaseParts
XbpPresSpace() Presentation space
XbpPrinter() Printer class
XbpPrintDialog() Printer dialog class
XbpPushButton() Pushbutton class
XbpQuickBrowse() GUI browser class
XbpRadioButton() Radiobutton class
XbpScrollBar() Scrollbar class
XbpSetting() Abstract class for switches
XbpSLE() Single line edit class
XbpSpinButton() Spinbutton class
XbpStatic() Static GUI control class
XbpSysWindow() Abstract class for system dialogs
XbpTabPage() Tabpage class
XbpTreeView() Tree view class
XbpTreeViewItem() Items in tree view
XbpWindow() Abstract window class

Functions of the GraphicsEngine
Name Description
GraArc() Draws an arc, circle or ellipsis
GraBitBlt() Copies a bitmap
GraBox() Draws a rectangle
GraError() Returns last error code
GraGetRGBIntensity() Determines RGB color intensities
GraIsRGBColor() Checks if a color value is a RGB color
GraLine() Draws a line
GraMakeRGBColor() Creates a RGB color value
GraMarker() Draws a marker
GraPathBegin() Opens a graphic path
GraPathClip() Uses graphic path for clipping
GraPathEnd() Closes a graphic path
GraPathFill() Fills a graphic path
GraPathOutline() Outlines a graphic path
GraPos() Sets the pen position
GraQueryTextBox() Calculates coordinates for strings
GraRotate() Rotates graphic output
GraScale() Scales graphic output
GraSegClose() Closes a graphic segment
GraSegDestroy() Releases a graphic segment
GraSegDraw() Draws a graphic segment
GraSegDrawMode() Sets the draw mode for graphic segments
GraSegFind() Finds graphic segments
GraSegOpen() Opens a graphic segment
GraSegPickResolution() Sets sensitivity for finding graphic segments
GraSegPriority() Sets the priority for graphic segments
GraSetAttrArea() Sets attributes for drawing areas
GraSetAttrLine() Sets attributes for drawing lines
GraSetAttrMarker() Sets attributes for drawing markers
GraSetAttrString() Sets attributes for drawing strings
GraSetColor() Sets the color for all graphic functions
GraSetFont() Sets the font for drawing strings
GraSpline() Draws a curve
GraStringAt() Draws a string
GraTranslate() Shifts graphic output


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