Member variable XbpSpinButton():useUpDownControl Foundation

Controls the internal composition of the spin button object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logic (.T.)

A XbpSpinButton object is internally composed of an entry field as well as a set of up/down buttons arranged alongside. On the Windows platform, a special window called the UpDown control is used to maintain the buttons. In Xbase++ revisions earlier than 1.90 Service Level 1, XbpSpinButtons used a set of proprietary buttons instead, which did not support visual styles and used non-conformant button imagery.

:useUpDownControl is a compatibility setting. If the value .F. (false) is assigned to :useUpDownControl prior to calling the method :create(), the XbpSpinButton object uses the same internal composition that was used in older Xbase++ versions. Changing the default value in this instance variable is recommended only in situations where spin button objects are arranged very close together, or use a very low height.


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