Member variable XbpSpinButton():numberFormat Foundation

Selects the number format for display.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBPSPIN_NUM_DECIMAL)

The instance variable :numberFormat controls the format of the number displayed in the entry field. The following table lists the constants defined in the file Xbp.CH for specifying the number format:

Constants for the number format
Constant Description
XBPSPIN_NUM_DECIMAL *) Decimal (Radix base: 10, 0 through 10)
XBPSPIN_NUM_HEX Hexadecimal (Radix base: 16, 0 through F)
XBPSPIN_NUM_HEXUPPERCASE Hexadecimal with upper-case chars
XBPSPIN_NUM_OCTAL Octal (Radix base: 8, 0 through 8)
  1. Default

Changing the number format affects the way the current value of the spin button is displayed in the entry field. In addition, the setting controls which characters can be entered into the entry field. Also see the instance variable :displayPrefix for further information. The setting in :numberFormat has no effect on the value in the edit buffer of the spin button object.

Characters that can be input into the edit field
Number format Legal input
Decimal "0" through "9", "-"
Hexadecimal "0" through "F", "x", "X"
Octal "0" through "8"

The number format selected in :numberFormat has no effect on the value in the edit buffer.


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