Member variable XbpSpinButton():displayPrefix Foundation

Defines whether a number format-specific prefix is displayed.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

The instance variable :displayPrefix controls the format of the number displayed in the entry field. If the value .T. (true) is assigned, a number format-specific prefix is shown. Otherwise, only the current value in the edit buffer of the XbpSpinbutton is visible in the entry field.

The prefix is comprised of one or more non-numeric characters. The following table shows the prefixes used for the number formats supported:

Prefix characters shown in the entry field
Number format Prefix characters
Decimal (None)
Hexadecimal "0x" or "0X"
Octal "O"

The setting in :displayPrefix only affects the display in the entry field of a spin button object. It has no effect on the value in the edit buffer.


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