Member variable XbpPrintDialog():printToFile Foundation

Indicates if output is re-directed to a file.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

When the instance variable :enablePrintToFile is set to to .T. (true), the value of :printToFile is taken as the initial value for the checkbox in the dialog window that allows the user to request re-directing printer output to a file.

When the dialog window is closed, :printToFile contains .T. (true) only if the user opted for printing to a file and the printer driver is not capable of re-directing print output. It is then the application's responsibility to handle the user's request. This could be implemented using a XbpMetaFile object, for example. However, most printer drivers are able to re-direct print output and the value of :printToFile is usually .F. (false). In this case, the user is automatically prompted for a file name when the print job is started by calling the :startDoc() method of the XbpPrinter object returned from :display().

If the default behavior of prompting the user for a file name is not desired, the name of the file to receive the print output can be specified via the :setPrintFile() method of the XbpPrinter object. This method can also be used to detect if the printer driver will output to a file when :printToFile contains .F. (false). In this case, the method returns a value equivalent to the XBPPRN_FILE_PROMPT constant.


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