Member variable XbpPrintDialog():printRange Foundation

Defines the range of pages to print.

Attribute: EXPORTED

Before the printer dialog is displayed, a #define constant can be assigned to :printRange which pre-selects one of the radio buttons available for selecting the range of pages to print. Valid constants are listed in XBP.CH:

Constants valid for :printRange
Constant Description
XBPPDLG_PRINT_ALLPAGES *) Print all pages of the document
XBPPDLG_PRINT_MARK Print marked area only
XBPPDLG_PRINT_PAGERANGE Print page range selected by the user
  1. default

If XBPPDLG_PRINT_MARK is assigned, the instance variable :enableMark must be set to .T. (true) to enable the corresponding radio button. If XBPPDLG_PRINT_PAGERANGE is assigned, an array different from {0,0} must be assigned to :pageRange prior to calling the :display() method.

When the dialog window is closed, the instance variable contains a numeric value equivalent to a XBPPDLG_PRINT_* constant. This corresponds with the radio button actually selected by the user.


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