Member variable XbpPrintDialog():mode Foundation

Defines the mode to display the dialog in.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBPPDLG_MODE_DRIVER)

The printer dialog window can be opened in different modes that are specified by assigning #define constants to this instance variable. The default value of :mode is XBPPDLG_MODE_DRIVER.


This mode specifies that the dialog window should only display options actually supported by the printer, or printer driver.


This mode specifies that the application is able to simulate certain properties, such as the number of copies to print. In this mode, the dialog window displays options regardless of whether or not the printer can actually handle them. In case it cannot, it is the application's responsibility to implement the missing features. If the printer does not support printing multiple copies, for instance, a print job should be sent :numCopies times to simulate this option. Likewise it should respect the setting of :collate to simulate collation if the user requested this option.

This mode affects how the properties "Number of copies" and "Collation" are presented to the user. On windows platforms, these cannot be controlled individually. Instead, requesting mode XBPPDLG_MODE_DRIVER causes both properties to become unavailable if the printer does not support them. Mode XBPPDLG_MODE_APPLICATION causes them to be displayed, regardless of the printer's capabilities.


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