Method XbpPrintDialog():display() Foundation

Displays the printer dialog window and configures an XbpPrinter object.

:display( [<oXbpPrinter>] ) --> <oXbpPrinter> | NIL
Optionally, an XbpPrinter object for a particular printer can be passed to this method. It will be configured by the XbpPrintDialog object. If no parameter is passed, an XbpPrinter object for the default printer is used.

The method returns an XbpPrinter object configured according to the options in the dialog window selected by the user. If the user aborts printer configuration, the return value is NIL.


The method displays a modal printer dialog window that allows for printer configuration. The return value of :display() informs the application whether the user confirmed or cancelled the dialog. In the latter case, the return value is NIL. In the former case, the method returns a printer object that reflects the properties selected by the user.

If an XbpPrinter object is passed to this method, the returned printer object may reference a completely different physical printer and/or may have altered properties. For this reason, the printer object passed to :display() must not currently be associated with a presentation space! Otherwise a correct print output is not guaranteed.


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