Method XbpCheckBox():setData() Foundation

Sets the current value or state of the checkbox.

:setData( [<lCheck>] ) --> lOldCheck
<lCheck> is a logical value defining the new state of the checkbox. The value .T. (true) defines the box as "selected" and .F. (false) defines it as "not selected".

This method returns the value stored in the edit buffer of the checkbox before the :setData() method is called.


The :setData() method changes the value for the current state of the checkbox. The parameter <lCheck> does not need to be included when a data code block is contained in the instance variable :dataLink. If :setData() is called without a parameter, the data code block in :dataLink is evaluated and its return value is used as <lCheck> (see DataRef()). If a code block is not contained in :dataLink, a value must be specified for <lCheck>.


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