Method Xbp3State():setData() Foundation

Sets the current value or state of a three state button.

:setData( [<nValue>] ) --> nOldValue
<nValue> is a numeric value defining the new state of a three state button. XBP.CH includes #define constants that can be used to set <nValue>. These constants are described under :selection.

This method returns the value stored in the edit buffer of the three state button before the :setData() method is called.


The :setData() method changes the value for the current state of the three state button. The parameter <nValue> does not need to be included when a data code block is contained in the instance variable :dataLink. If :setData() is called without a parameter, the data code block in :dataLink is evaluated and its return value is used as <nValue> (see DataRef()). If a code block is not contained in :dataLink, a value must be specified for <nValue>.


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