Method DacPagedDataStore():new() Foundation

Creates an instance of the DacPagedDataStore class.

DacPagedDataStore():new( [<cnAlias>]     , ;
                         [<aFieldNames>]   ) --> oDacPagedDataStore
DacPagedDataStore():new( <a2DimArray>    , ;
                        [<aColumnIndex>]   ) --> oDacPagedDataStore
<cnAlias> is either a string holding the alias name or a numeric work area number of the open database file used by the DacPagedDataStore object. The parameter defaults to the current work area number.
The fields to be accessed and held in the cache can optionally be specified using a one dimensional array holding strings of field names. If not specified, the DacPagedDataStore object caches all fields of the specified work area.
When the data source is an array, and not a database file, the array must be two-dimensional and is passed as the first parameter to the method.
The optional parameter <aColumnIndex> is a one-dimensional array holding the numeric idexes for the columns of <a2DimArray> to be cached.

The class method :new() returns a DacPagedDataStore object.


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