Method ActiveXObject():isEventPublished() Foundation

Determines whether an event is published by the COM/ActiveX object connected.

:isEventPublished( <cName> | <nDISPID>, [<cGUID>] ) --> nDISPID
<cName> specifies the name of the COM/ActiveX event as a character string.
<nDISPID> is a numeric value that specifies the numeric dispatch ID (DISPID) of the event. This parameter may be used as an alternative to parameter <cName>.
<cGUID> is a character string that specifies the globally unique identifier (GUID) of a COM event interface. This parameter is optional.

:isEventPublished() returns a numeric value. If the event specified in the method's parameters is published by the COM/ActiveX component, return is the dispatch ID (DISPID) that corresponds with the event. If the event is unknown to the automation object, method :isEventPublished() returns zero.


:isEventPublished() determines whether a COM event interface is exposed by the connected COM/ActiveX component that contains the event specified in parameter <cName> or <nDISPID>. By default, the method checks all interfaces exposed by the COM/ActiveX component. When a GUID is passed in parameter <cGUID>, :isEventPublished() only checks whether the corresponding COM interface defines the event specified. Only events published by the ActiveX/COM component can be subscribed to by the Xbase++ application.


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