Method POP3Client():getMessageIdentifier() Professional

Retrieves the identifiers and message numbers of all messages on the POP3 server.

:getMessageIdentifier() --> aId

The return value is an array containing an element for each message on the server. Each of these elements is a two dimensional array, where the first element is the numeric value representing the number of the message. The second element is a character string containing the unique identifier. { {nNum1,cID1} [,{nNum2,cID2}] } The first element (message number) can be used as the nMsgIndex parameter in the methods :getMessage(), :deleteMessage(), :getMessageString(), :getMessageHeader() and :getMessageHeaderString(). If there are no available messages an empty array is returned.


On the POP3 server, each message has a unique identifier string. These IDs may be retrieved with this method. If a message is left on the server after a connection ends, its message number may be different during the next connection, but the unique ID string never changes. If a particular message needs to be accessed again in a later connection, its ID string can be stored and used later to search for it in this array to find its current message number. Note: A call to :deleteMessage() or :undeleteMessage() invalidates the result of this method.


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