Event XbpSpinButton():endSpin Foundation

Incrementing or decrementing the spinbutton has terminated.

:endSpin := {| uNIL1, uNIL2, self | ... }
:endSpin () --> self
xbeSpin_EndSpin (1048930)

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The xbeSpin_EndSpin event is generated when the left mouse button is released after pressing the up or down pushbutton of the XbpSpinButton object. As long as the up or down pushbutton remains pressed, the spinbutton value continues to change. While the value is being rapidly changed, there is no reason to assign the value of the spinbutton. It only needs to be assigned after the user has stopped incrementing or decrementing the value. In the callback code block or method linked to this event, the :getData() method is usually executed to determine the current value of the spinbutton.


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