Message XbpHelp():xbeHelp_Inform Foundation

OS/2 - The code block for cross referencing back to the Xbase++ application from the online help.

:inform := {| nResID, uNIL, self | ... }
:inform ( <nResID> ) --> <nResID>
<nResID> is the numeric ID of a help window in the online help. This ID is specified when the cross reference is defined in the source code of the online help using the IPF tag :link res=<nResID> reftype=inform. . This creates a reference from the online help back to the Xbase++ application.

The method is ignored under Windows. Help systems on Windows platforms do not provide a "feedback" to the calling application.

The IPF tag :link. defines various kinds of cross references in the source code of the online help. A special cross reference is defined using the attribute reftype=inform. This makes it possible for the online help started from an Xbase++ application to define a reference back to the application. This allows the online help to interact with the application.

If a code block is assigned to the instance variable :inform, it is evaluated when the online help cross references the Xbase++ application. An example of how this cross reference is created in the IPF source code is shown below:

:h1 id=XPP_LINK.Cross reference to the Xbase++ application 
:p.Click on the word 

:link res=100 reftype=inform.Xbase++:elink. 

in order to navigate the application. 

The word Xbase++ is highlighted in this example. If the user double clicks on this word, the :inform code block is evaluated. The first parameter passed to it is the numeric ID defined as the value of the attribute res= in the IPF tag :link. (the ID in the example is res=100).

The :inform() method follows the general approach of other callback methods. It isn't used in objects of the XbpHelp class, but is available for use in classes derived from XbpHelp().


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