Class XbpToolBarButtonMenuItem() Foundation

Class function of the XbpToolBarButtonMenuItem class


Instances of the XbpToolBarButtonMenuItem class are used to access items in a drop-down menu of a tool bar button. The life cycle of XbpToolBarButtonMenuItem objects is closely tied to that of their encompassing tool bar object. Menu item objects cannot exist on their own but are implicitly created when adding menu items to a button of a XbpToolBar object.

An Xbase++ application interacts with instances of the XbpToolBarButtonMenuItem class when it comes to manipulating properties of an item already displayed in a tool bar button's drop-down menu. Both the methods XbpToolBarButton:addItem() and XbpToolBarButton:getItem() return a reference to an XbpToolBarButtonMenuItem object. By assigning values to the button object's instance variables, the application can control the caption displayed by the menu item, for example.

Instance Variables
Specifies the caption displayed by a drop-down menu item.
Specifies whether the menu item is enabled.
Specifies the ordinal position of the menu item within the drop-down menu.
Specifies a key string that uniquely indentifies a menu item.
Specifies whether a drop-down menu item is visible.

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