Class SqlStatement Foundation

The abstract base class SqlStatement implementes build and exection of SQL Statements for all Xbase++ DatabaseEngines.


The SQLStatement Class is used to create and execute SQL statements. The Class implements various helper functionality which makes handling of SQL statements easier and less error prone. It is not possible to create a instance of that class using :new(), instead the DacSqlStatement() needs is used to create objects.

To retrieve the object for an concrete implementation of the SQLStatement features use DacSqlStatement(). The function DacSqlStatement determined the current session or takes the session passed to request a SQLStatement object from the underlying DatabaseEngine. Use USqlStatement():New() to create an SqlStatement object for the embedded SQL engine.

oStmt1 := DacSqlStatement():fromChar("CREATE DATABASE crm_test") 

The statement may be used multiple times, but cannot be used concurrently from different threads.

Initial Methods
Initializes a SQLStatement object from a character string.
Instance Methods
Builds the final statement.
Returns the final SQL statement as it will be send to the SQL server
Executes the given SQL statement which returns a single ResultSet. The result-set is processed according to the <nResultType> definition.
Executes the given SQL statement.

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