Class DragDataObject() Foundation

Class function of the DragDataObject class


The DragDataObject class provides objects that encapsulate the data of an item involved in a drag-and-drop operation. If an item is dropped on an Xbase Part designated as a drop zone, the application uses a DragDataObject instance to examine and retrieve the data the item represents. Similar to XbpClipboard objects, DragDataObjects provide an interface for exchanging data between the data provider and the consumer. Often in drag-and-drop, an item is passed on across application boundaries. If a file is dragged from Windows Explorer to an Xbase++ application, it is a DragDataObject that makes the data available to the consumer application.

Check whether a format is available for retrieval with :getData().
Returns the data encapsulated by the DragDataObject instance.
// An example for using a DragDataObject object in conjunction 
// with drag-and-drop can be found in the documentation of the 
// :dropZone instance variable of the XbpWindow class. For using 
// DragDataObjects in Hybrid Mode, please see the member variable 
// XbpCrt:dropZone. A sample application can also be found in 
// folder \BASICS\DRAGDROP of the Xbase++ sample collection. 


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