Class HttpResponse() Foundation

Objects of this class encapsulate the outgoing HTTP response.



Controls the browser's client cache policy for the response.
Contains the content type requested by the client.
Determines the cache policy of this request.
The response as send to the server.
HTTP Header Management
Add a header token and value to the response.
Remove a header token from the response.
Remove all headers, or just the headers with a given token from the response.
Get a header value given its token.
Cookie Management
Add a cookie.
Delete a cookie given its name.
Delete all cookies.
Write an arbitrary value to the response.
Write an arbitrary value to the response.
Write one or more values to the response with CRLF appended.
Write binary data directly to the response.
Sends back a file to the client.
Transfers the execution path to another page or controller.
Redirects the browser to another URL.
Discards any pending content.
Sends the response to the client.

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